Tripharbour needed to turn their customers' comments on their social media network into a forum which helped to promote the trips that were being discussed. They also wanted to make it easier for their site visitors to select the most appropriate holiday for them and minimize basic call centre requests.


FCV uncovered insights into the key behavioural drivers of people in the travel and tourism market. User profiles and wireframes were developed to optimize the content along experience pathways. A website was built on this framework, which was fully integrated with social media. Now previous travellers could inform potential travellers about their real experiences, alongside corporate information about the trip itinerary. Special features gave users control to narrow down choices to parameters that mattered to them; and an interactive map was added so customers could easily plan onward journeys in unfamiliar places.


By enabling a forum for people to connect with past travellers, Tripharbour minimized the customer's offsite research and barriers to purchase. By having spatial and social tools to assist the decision making process, Tripharbour showcased their commitment to customer service. Registered members now regularly engage in discussion about their previous holiday, being driven back to the website to answer questions asked by new holidaymakers. New bookings have increased, which was the aim, but repeat bookings also steadily increased since the re-launch, demonstrating an increase in customer satisfaction.

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