Using animation to improve the user experience

Animation within the design of a website or an application is often considered a decorative element with little utility. In...

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Designing connected digital experiences

Today it's possible to connect with customers across channels and touch-points, and on a wide range of devices.

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The way we experience travel is about to change forever

Within the next few years the way we experience our vacations will be transformed in remarkable ways. The alignment of mobile...

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4 ways financial services win with customer experience

We all have our money worries. Whether we’re making ends meet, or trying to grow our nest egg, we all use financial service...

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5 ways to digitally transform luxury retail

Luxury brands lose approximately 50% of their top customers every year, according to recent research from The Luxury...

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Getting personal: IXD15 - Day 3

Wednesday’s takeaway was all about the individual: carefully listening for nuances can fuel incredibly powerful, yet...

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