Privacy guidelines for designing personalization

How digital consumers trade personal information, and how to help them feel comfortable using their data.

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My three-month experience as a research intern at FCV Interactive

Guest post by Amy Cheng from Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design, who interned this fall with our Customer...

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Key to digital service transformation: Leadership

Earlier this year I wrote about two of the ingredients for digital success that must become part of the DNA of government:...

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Art of listening: How ethnography creates better customer experiences

Ethnography—the study of observing, documenting, and analyzing behavior—is a valuable business tool for discovering and...

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Quality Collaboration: FCV goes to TestBash New York

TestBash is one of the premier testing conferences in the world, bringing testers together from all walks of the Quality...

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Changing by doing

Last week I wrote about how designing world-class digital services starts by putting user needs first. It’s as true in...

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