Firefox's new solution to tab-itis

Looks like a good solution for those of us who operate with fifteen tabs open at a time.

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How to measure brand value? Likes, followers, influencers or views? No, social currency.

Actually a number of events and trends have conspired like a perfect storm over the last several years to put brands and...

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eBooks iPad and Amazon

On this day, where Amazon announced that eBooks are now outselling hardcover books, we thought it was appropriate to...

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Building rapport with social media

Read what social media followers said they wanted from companies and how you can develop a relationship with yours.

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6 low cost tools to measure your social media buzz

Do you want to manage multiple contributors? Schedule posts? or measure the level of chat around your products, brand,...

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How to create a vanity url on facebook

Create a catchy vanity URL instead of geeking your audience out with URL strings and indiscernible characters. Then get...

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