What else is new?

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What else is new?

We changed almost everything in our tech stack on this project, but explaining it all would go beyond the scope of this article, so i'll just give you a quick summary and hope you'll be back when we have a closer look at some of these technologies.

  • For version control we used Git instead of Subversion (SVN) - it's distributed, super fast and a lot more powerful
  • Our server runs on an Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) instance on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - simple setup, strong security by default, scalable and you only pay for what you use
  • We use nginx as a reverse proxy and soon for serving static assets - "146 million websites use NGINX to deliver super-fast web experiences to users, at scale."
  • Apostrophe uses MongoDB for its database - instead of a relational database system like MySQL MongoDB is document based
  • All file uploads go to a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket on AWS - meaning no more file syncing between environments
  • Deployments are done with stagecoach - another great open source tool from P'unk Avenue
  • Our client-side code is written in a very declarative way, meaning that for the most part we don't have to initialize components manually. It works very similar to Twitter Bootstrap in that you set certain data attributes in your HTML to define how and where a component is to be used. Until we get Web Components this is a great way of abstracting out functionality and give the markup more meaning and power.

Overall, we are extremely happy with the results. Our new site is snappy and sharp on the front-end, and solid and scalable behind the scenes. How do you like it?

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