Barcamp Vancouver 2010

November 26, 2010



Held with short notice at the Waldorf Hotel, the 24 hour long geek fest, Barcamp delivered what it promised: “Intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.” It was fun: A time and place where one can discuss and be excited about all things geeky.

Eric Weaver from DDB gave a memorable presentation, targetted at social marketing companies, on how to use social media tools not just as another publishing platform, but to engage, influence and activate your audience. Mentioning that decision making is 95% emotional and 5% rational, Eric showcased their adorable Knorr ad featuring the Salty character.

Eric talked about pull rather than push marketing, and using social technology for a purpose rather than just implementing a social media strategy. The tide seems to be turning, from being a rush towards getting the coolest must-have web or mobile app, towards a better understanding of why we need these solutions, and how to choose between the multitude of technical solutions.

Graham King held an interactive workshop on Behavior Change Tools for your web or mobile app. I found the hands-on approach very useful, with the help of Social Mania cards. I believe he will be holding a workshop that will work on building your web or mobile app.

Other interesting talks were about controlling pong with your freaking eyes, getting ready for International Open Data hackathon, Mike Cantelon's Fashion Quest and Plex by David Drucker.

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