Victoria Gay

Senior Director, Strategy & Transformation

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Providing leadership to our strategy and transformation team, Victoria is responsible for guiding our clients’ organizations through their digital transformation initiatives. She has over 10 years’ experience delivering strategic business solutions across multiple sectors, including energy, environment, healthcare, and financial services. With a research and analytics background, she has a track record of utilising market insights to develop innovative solutions for business problems, and delivering informed and actionable business strategies. Before joining FCV, Victoria led digital transformation initiatives internally for a large UK energy provider, helping the company enhance its customer experience by seamlessly delivering service solutions to customers. She also championed the development of strategic plans including an extensive market and internal discovery, facilitation of executive workshops, integrated roadmaps, and bold moves for business expansion.

Victoria holds a PhD in Geography (Environmental Science) from University College London and a Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) in Geography from the University of Manchester.

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