Claudio Afonso

Creative Director

claudio v1

Specializing in visual design and brand identity, Claudio is responsible for leading our brand experience team to create immersive brand experiences that come to life through digital. His experience comes from leadership roles in both client and agency settings, including roles at Hootsuite, Idea Rebel, and Gloo Digital Design. With nearly two decades of international experience in digital brand development, Claudio has been responsible for creating best-in-class creative campaigns for brands such as Samsung, Garmin, BMW, MINI, Rogers Sportsnet, Yokohama, Arc'Teryx, WestJet and 7-eleven. At FCV, Claudio works alongside our user experience architects and developers to create designs that put users’ needs first – bridging the gap between elegance and functionality.

Claudio holds a Diploma in Advertising, specializing in multimedia, from Johannesburg’s AAA School of Advertising.

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