FCV Interactive wins prestigious 2015 BDO Business Value Award

December 22, 2015

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VANCOUVER, BC – FCV Interactive, the user-focused transformation agency, announced today that it has won the 2015 BDO Business Value Award, which recognizes sustainable value in business. Over the past five years, the agency has grown over 250%. Originally formed in 2005, FCV now has over 130 staff in locations across North America serving public and private sector clients.

Created by BDO in association with PROFIT Magazine, the BDO Business Value Award recognizes organizations that produce sustainable value by building infrastructure, client relationships, human resources, and products and services that carry them forward towards long-term financial success.

“The BDO Business Value Award is a shared accomplishment by everyone at the agency and a testament to the lasting transformative work we do,” says Johann Starke, FCV’s President & CEO. “With some of the brightest minds in strategy, design, customer experience and technology, we work with clients to uncover digital solutions and strategies that fundamentally change the way they communicate with their customers.”

Creating a workplace that promotes cross-team collaboration is essential to success in the technology sector. As Starke explains, “culture-fit and authenticity are top priorities for the agency, so there is no room for egos. When people work together effectively and are aligned with a common goal to put users at the heart of everything they do, teams with vastly different skill-sets can learn from each other, surfacing valuable efficiencies and innovations.”

While experiencing tremendous growth year after year, FCV has remained agile and responsive to the changing needs of clients. As organizations and governments rethink how their services are offered and embrace the value of engaging digital experiences, the agency has grown its Strategy & Transformation and Customer Experience teams, deepening its business consulting service offering. 

With a diverse mix of client experience across sectors including Destination Canada, Scotiabank, Metrolinx, WestJet, Nike, Best Buy Canada and many others, FCV has uniquely positioned itself as the user-focused transformation agency for organizations who want to make life better. 

About FCV Interactive

FCV Interactive is the user-focused transformation agency. Every day, we redesign organizations and create digital services that people love. With over a decade of expertise working with public and private sector clients, we deliver experiences that make life better. To learn more, visit fcvinteractive.com

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